Western Kenya untapped

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Are you a value minded traveler looking to explore nature and enjoy delicious pot-boiling traditional foods? Then Kakamega and Bungoma counties in western Kenya are calling.
With a basketful of sights and sounds these areas will undoubtedly draw your appreciation for nature. Birding enthusiasts will for the most part love the Kakamega forest in Kakamega County, home to over 360 species of birds and more than 380 species of trees. The only tropical rainforest in the country, Kakamega forest is also host to 27 species of snakes, baboons, and white tail monkeys. An interesting spectacle here is Mama Mutere, a name coined by the locals for the oldest tree in the forest, nearly 400 years old.

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Kakamega forest also provides for nature walks although it is advised that one carries a heavy jacket and gumboots on some occasions as the forest can get quite chilly and the terrain…

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Mount Kasigau – Seek And Ye Shall Find

The Kenyan Camper

If you’ve been following this blog this past year it’s pretty obvious by now that Kenya’s tourism marketing may have sold us a few false truths. It has ingrained in our minds that travel is expensive and complicated, we’ve fallen for the marketing pitches that indicate the only options open to us are the wildebeest migration or the beach; that we cannot truly exhale unless we are lying by a pool with a colorful drink in hand.

Are the above options wrong? Of course not let’s not be ridiculous here. But are they the only options? No, not by a long shot.

kasigau-bandas-tsavo-kenya-28Background Information

Mount Kasigau, located in Taita-Taveta County is part of the Eastern Arc Mountains bordering the southernmost reaches of Tsavo West National Park. Located a third of the way between the Taita Hills and the Indian Ocean it rises 1600m above the Taru Desert, with savannah plains…

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Do you know Hidden Gems?

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Have you known of hidden Gems? Kenya has much, however they are inform of nature blessings.

It is now all over international news and also in the local one of how unsafe Kenya is, however what the news are not telling the world or showing the world is what Kenya has to offer.

If they give you travel advisory against stepping on the Kenyan coastal region and Northern Kenya, kindly know those are not our only tourists sites we have.


Apart from our white beaches, we have site you can cycle in a forest next to the capital city or cycle from one town to another if you are more of adventure we have Hells gate national park where you can cycle amongst animals like buffaloes, warthogs to giraffes.

Also you can do rock climbing just to see how good you can be and overcome your fear of heights to…

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10700119_1553199908226611_7439010623249231102_oThe rugby community, where are you at? We have one of your family members with us today. Welcome Esther Wambui, known as Kenna in the rugby circles. Active in rugby, and thus also traveling while still being a student at Daystar University. Check out her social accounts for more of her; @mckennarific on twitter and @wambuimumbi on instagram.


Camping in The Taita Hills – Needle In A Haystack

The Kenyan Camper

I am unsure if i should share the fact I drove for 6 hrs over 400km, camped for 2 nights and walked for hours through the Taita Hills to find 3 of Kenya’s treasures that were each about 10 cm long. These are the reasons why you have to be a little bit mad to be a traveller. You need that one screw loose, that one blown fuse, the slight spark of insanity to justify some of the reasons that take you places. But thats just the way travel is, it cannot be separated from the quest of of knowledge; the answer the question  “What is over that next hill?”


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Dear Travel Diary: What To Carry?

What Can’t You Do Without?

That has to be the hardest question you can ask a first time traveler on any journey. They always want to carry everything, ending up with a heavy bag, if not several of them. And so on this trip, the main purpose was to give us a lesson or two about packing light. And of course, experience the wonderful Kenya.

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