Dear Travel Diary: That Walk

Location: Karura Forest

I doubt I have walked for longer in my life. I had been to Karura forest before, riding bikes and playing football, but never to do a walk. And I think I found out why on this day.

I had received a call from a friend the previous day, you know those friends who just remember you when there is a plan, she’s one of those. She was inviting to join her pals and her one a small expedition over at Karura Forest. I was also later to found I was the tour guide, I want my pay you guys. Me being me, I cancelled all my plans for the next day and decided to join them. Anything for a chance to be outdoors.

On the material day, we were to meet at 10AM and head there, but a kenyan will always be a kenyan no matter the age, and so we were leaving the CBD at around 12noon. It’s a short drive there, and we use the gate opposite CID headquarters. And that was the beginning of our walk. I will let the pictures tell the story.

Karura Forest 008 Karura Forest 009Karura Forest 019 Karura Forest 021 Karura Forest 023 Karura Forest 026 Karura Forest 034 Karura Forest 037 Karura Forest 041 Karura Forest 043 Karura Forest 046 Karura Forest 052 Karura Forest 056 Karura Forest 060 Karura Forest 066 Karura Forest 067 Karura Forest 070 Karura Forest 071 Karura Forest 075 Karura Forest 077 Karura Forest 080 Karura Forest 102 Karura Forest 123 Karura Forest 131 Karura Forest 092 Karura Forest 085 Karura Forest 069 Karura Forest 142 Karura Forest 144 Karura Forest 137

The walk was so refreshing we did not notice the night coming our way. It was soon half past six, set time for all visitors to be out of Karura, but we were still deep in the forest. We got to the Limuru road gate at around 7PM. That was one experience I will want to do again.

– Sammy Aloyo


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