Places I have been To (Random Collection)

Paul Obuna

Its been a while since I last did an update (Pressure now that mob guys have checked out the link shared on FB) I have a myriad of excuses sio Bundles, sio Zuku, si rain, sio sun, sio the roundabouts and the drums you know…!!!! Maisha Ngumu

Since the last update I have been up and about Nairobi National Park has featured prominently, Kapiti Ranch in Machakos, Lake Ol Bolosat and Lake Nakuru images below have been taken in the three locations.


While I would want to travel more and widely I still haven’t found an organs buyer to fund my habit so shorter day trips are what i am left to cope with.

My wish list still includes going around all the parks within Kenya and a couple more in East Africa So heres to Making that Happen..

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