IMG_20141204_083523_0Are you a seasoned hiker, or have you ever thought of hiking? Well, today we introduce to you somebody who has done it for sometime now. Meet Samuel Mwangi, founder of His contacts; Mwangi Sammy on FB and on twitter.



Dear Travel Diary: Uptown Twilight

LOCATION: Nairobi Night Walk

The highway is at a standstill. Its 5:30pm, around the time when the city is packing its bags for the day and the sun doesn’t seem to want to go away. We had decided to walk from Kileleshwa to town, you know, for the exercise, but if we were really honest, it’s one of the habits we can’t really shake off that we actually love. The walk from Chiromo right through the campus, drooling over the vintage architecture and perfectly manicured lawn that can cure a psychological disorder. But we have found gossiping about the cute medical students can cure that too. The really tall trees seem to know every student by name, and you can almost feel them judging you for not belonging there. Continue reading “Dear Travel Diary: Uptown Twilight”


DSC04562 Interesting character in the interviewee’s chair today. A man who loves his privacy very much, but still loves a good time outdoors. He even did not allow the use of his picture in this post. However, we still wanted to know more of his love for tourism. His name, Michael Owuor. Continue reading “KNOW THE OTHER TRAVELER: MICHAEL OWUOR”


Wangechi Gitahi

Prepare Mentally:

My guide told us 50% of the hike is conquered in the mind and 50% is effort.You will meet people along the way,those who made it and those who didnt,some super excited others , down in the dump.Mentally prepare what you want your outcome to be and stick to that as much as possible.Along the way you will question your resolve(Mine was between Jamaica and Gilmans point),questions of why am I doing this,why am I suffering,why do I even like to hike,actually,do I even like to hike???But keep focused,you have to see your mission to the end.


Positive positive positive attitude.Whatever happens,keep this intact.For me,not getting to the peak was not an option-NOT EVEN A THOUGHT.I continuously made jokes with the team that I didnt care if I would have to crawl to get to the Peak,or be dragged there,or even carried there,UHURU Peak 5895M,the highest point…

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Dear Travel Diary: Elephant Hill

LOCATION: KinangopIMG_20141115_104159

You Only Live Once – this was just a mere statement I heard my uptown friends use, until I came back to Nairobi that Saturday evening from Kinangop. I had done Ngong Hills and Crater Lake hikes before, so I assumed this wasn’t going to be an issue. My hike partner on the other hand was a first timer…she has her version of the hike. 🙂

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Dear Travel Diary: Kitale

Location: KitaleTG4rhnNN

Occasion: Celebration of loooooove

In kikuyu custom, marriage proceedings begin with a man proposing to a woman, and then a couple of events follow. Now being a half kikuyu-half luo girl who never bothered to learn either tongue, of course I did not know this. However, thanks to my cousin’s hunk of a man popping the question, I got to experience all of it, and it opened my eyes to just how many things I should care about.

On this particular journey, we were heading for the last proceeding, Itara, where the bride is introduced to the groom’s home. And for me, naturally, the 4am road trip found me in Westlands. I mean, why go home when you can sleep the hangover en route? Continue reading “Dear Travel Diary: Kitale”