11We have another photographer in the interviewee’s seat today, the talented Priya Patel. An avid traveler whose pictures you may have seen on instagram. You can follow her on @Capturedbypriya .Well, let’s get straight to it.

1.       We have noticed you have immense love for photography and nature, how and when did this start?

I picked up my love for photography from my father at a very young age. He used to take photos of everything worth capturing and I guess that is where I got my interest from.As for my love for nature, I come from the Mt. Kenya region and been surrounded by beautiful landscapes all my life, nature has always been a part of me. I have actually made it my mantra to capture every beautiful part of nature before it all disappears soon.

The first time I actually captured a photo was when I was 16. I was gifted a Camera Phone and that’s when it all began. Nowadays, I use Canon DSLR to capture moments.

2.       Do you prefer traveling alone or with a group of people? Why?16

I do not have any preference, both are equally amazing. I am lucky to have a partner who loves traveling, so if we are not going as a group, he will normally accompany me on my journeys.

3.       How do you go about planning your budget for your trips?

Well, I always put a little away every month for any travel trip that comes up. And that is all the budgeting I actually do.

4.       What means of transport do you prefer to travel with? And Why?

19Most of my trips have been road trips but last year I overcame the fear of travel by air. It was a wonderful experience, it being my 2nd time to fly.In addition I got to capture some amazing shots from a different perspective. No travel preferences, as long as I reach my destination. Every journey, be it by air or road or sea is worth it, isn’t it?

5.       You have been to different parts of Kenya, what was that new destination you found out and had never heard of?

Last year, I got a chance to travel to Laruk, it is near Lake Baringo. One amazing place to be, just different from other parts of Kenya I have been to, very risky area though. Heard it was where alot of  volcanic activity took place once. 36 35

6.       What are 5 destinations or activities in your bucket list?

1. Visit Mahali Mzuri and Saruni Samburu

2. Take shots of the great wilderbeest migration from a hot air balloon

3. Deep sea diving

4. Swim with dolphins

5. Northern Lights

7.       A night around a bonfire in the wild or a night under the moon on the beach?

Both, depending on who I am with.

8.       Any travel plans for 2015?

Am very spontaneous, so no travel plans yet. They just happen. The very best of my trips have been unplanned. So lets see which new destinations 2015 has in store for me.

9.       It won’t be right if we do not ask you this, what has been your favorite destination thus far?

Every destination in Kenya that I have visited has been really worth it. Each have this unique aura about them that you would not feel anywhere else. One place that really captured my heart was Sleeping Warrior Camp, Elementaita, too serene.15  30

10.   Any comments on #TembeaKenya and to others about traveling?

Kenya is definitely a beautiful place to explore and am glad #TembeaKenya is actually promoting it to a worldwide audience.Kudos to you guys!!!

About travel, it is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer so explore, explore, explore………..

Here are some of Priya’s photos:

25 22 12 2928 3132 144 3 1 IMG_20150111_230859

If you have any comments, please share on the comments’ section or via our twitter page . You can also suggest anyone to be considered for future interviews. Thank you.


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