2015-02-19_17-20-52_1Have you met Zeddy ‘Shiznit’ Msagha ()? Well, today we know this coastal brother. He is a student at Strathmore University and a passionate photographer. He also is a computer geek, almost always on his laptop coding or editing photos. That love for photography goes hand-in-hand with his avid love for nature, making him always on the road on most weekends. We got to quiz him on this.

  1. What is the best place you have been to?

I have had the chance to travel to many places but the best place I have been to has to be Vuria, a hill located in Coast Province, Kenya. The estimate terrain elevation above sea level is 1850 meters.

  1. What are two interesting things about about that place (the best place you have been to) that the average person doesn’t know?

First this is the highest point in coast province and there are beautiful sceneries with various flora and fauna and it is actually free to hike to the top of the hill (at your own risk of course). The hike at the high altitude is challenging and it gave me the feeling of 2015-02-19_17-22-45_1climbing Mount Kilimanjaro which is definitely in my bucket list. Second the place is rich with culture as several rituals and sacrifices are carried out on the hill. This gives the whole creepy feeling especially in the thick forests.

  1. Tell me about one cool person or now great friend you have met on your trips.

I met this guy Nzaro aka BiggMoh (), a fellow photography and travel enthusiast and adrenaline junkie, but he is not cool though (chuckles). We have had several adventures and trips and its always great knowing you are around like minded peeps with the same passion. I have also had the chance to make many friends on the way and it’s always a great experience meeting someone new.

  1. What was the hardest or most frustrating part about trips?

The hardest part is choosing what to wear and predicting the terrain and weather. I am a random guy so I just throw anything in the bag. There was this time I just packed for a day trip and getting to our destination we decided to spend the night, that was one of the coldest nights I have had in my life.

  1. What little, ordinary thing do you miss from your usual routine (while on trips)?

The one thing I usually miss is my laptop since I can’t carry it on my trips, and I’m used to either coding or watching a movie and without it life sucks.2015-02-19_17-29-56_1 2015-02-19_17-29-45_1

  1. Toilets: squat or Western (On your trips)? Why?

Definitely Squat because I am that guy(laughs). No but serious I am African, why wouldn’t I want to embrace that?

  1. What has been the most useful item you’ve brought from your trips?

This is weird but when I was in Uganda some lady threw an African bead necklace and I asked if I could take it. She probably thought I was crazy. I always wear it when I go for any trip and it’s always been an essential.

  1. How many countries have you visited? Anything you were impressed with?

2015-02-19_17-22-35_1I have been to 4 countries…Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa and Canada. The whole experience of being a foreigner is exciting, you get to learn different cultures and get to interact with new people. You just have to love Tanzania especially Dar-E-Salam and Zanzibar. Uganda, well life is cheap there and we had a road trip from Kampala to Jinja where R. Nile starts..awesome experience. Enjoyed South Africa because I had a great time in Durban and Paris, the land of love. Canada was very cold and I was pretty young back then, I can’t remember much.

  1. What destination have you found to be overrated?

Uhm..(Pauses). I think Malindi is too overrated. I was there during the December holidays and was very disappointed, my opinion. 2015-02-19_17-23-44_1There were no clean and attractive beaches and I had to pay just to see the Vasco da Gama pillar(Shakes his head).

  1. Do you call yourself a traveler or a tourist?

I am a traveler and local tourist. I don’t know why people don’t get it. You don’t have to be white to be a tourist.

2015-02-19_17-30-20_1 2015-02-19_17-30-02_1 2015-02-19_17-23-37_1 2015-02-19_17-23-48_1

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