yM0LavzIToday our feature is on this travel enthusiast, Carol Munene . She says she is an adventurous lady, a go getter and loves to travel(Of course). Be it local or international, just the thought of getting away is enough to exhilarate her. She also loves cooking, and taking care of her 2 year old girl – Chloe. She informs us she lately developed a passion for outdoor photography, and is playing the waiting game to see see how far it takes her.      

1. How much do you love traveling? As much as I love life!

2. Where did you get your wanderlust? Do other people in your family travel a lot, too? Or is this urge entirely yours? Mostly from the love of my life though my dad sure does love to travel.

3.      How often do you travel? I would do so weekly but I now limit it to once a month when time allows.

Photo by Carol
Photo by Carol

4.      What’s your favorite type of travel? Ideal length of trip, destinations, activities, accommodation, etc. Why the preferences? You know what they say about too much of anything…. I prefer shorter lengths, they tend to allow you to appreciate each spectacle better. I love sight seeing, walks, swimming and of course shopping! I love big spacious rooms with excellent finishing and a balcony that allows ones mind to escape into the wild.

5.      What can’t you travel without? Mosquito repellant. 

6.      Thus far, what are your 3 favorite places in the world and why? Kenya’s coast – It’s too serene, Dubai – It’s too magical(I thought Kenya is magical), Zanzibar – It’s amazingly refreshing.

7.      Are there any places you’re just dying to visit? If so, where and why the attraction? Paris – because I have already heard so much about it, would love to be a part of the stories.

Recognition By Ziara Kenya for Carol's efforts to promote local tourism
Recognition By Ziara Kenya for Carol’s efforts to promote local tourism

8.      What is your favorite mode of transport in your travels? If it were possible to travel around the world by road I would do it.

9.      What are your upcoming travel plans- say for 2015? I like to keep it open. It’s such a buzz kill defining a whole year travel plan, or so I think.

10.  What are the most important lessons you have learnt from your trips? That there is so much strength in our diversity as humans. We all have different cultures & belief systems but ultimately we all qualify as members of this great universe.

Photo by Carol
Photo by Carol
Photo by Carol
Photo by Carol


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