We have introduced a new segment in the blog called ‘KNOW THE OTHER TRAVELER’ where we will be interacting with different travel enthusiasts to know them better. This will be up every Friday. On this first post we feature Fahad Adil ‘Le Persian’ Mohamed (), a man with many positions. Among them;

  • 10498288_730352337014008_2653663348278246796_oTeam Manager, Strathmore Leos Rugby10397199_717385304995323_541669436220777836_o
  • Brand Ambassador, Unilever East & South Africa

He is also a passionate rugby lover, being part of the Strathmore University rugby team (Leos) and also partly associated with the Kenya7s team. He is an avid traveler and we set to quiz him about this.

  1. How much have you traveled?

I have traveled to different places in Kenya and around the world. In Kenya, I have been to the far west i.e Kisumu while in the coastal side I have gone to the last island in Lamu called Kizingitini which borders the Somali waters. I have also traveled to the United Kingdom a couple of times where I have done a back-trip around England, Scotland & Ireland.

  1. How do you deal with the unexpected on a trip?
Photo by Ministry of Rugby

I tend to be the problem solver in most situations. For example, we  went to Longonot with my good friend Aloyo and unfortunately, he sprained his ankle and I managed to treat him immediately and helped him go down the Mountain. I am surprised he has never tweeted about it to thank me. (laughs)

  1. What is your travel style and/or budget?

I don’t have a travel style per se but I like travelling light unless I’m going to a foreign country, then I tend to “Overpack”  so I take into consideration the little things. The budget is dependent on where I’m travelling to, if it’s within the country and it’s a place that has a lot to offer then I budget in such a manner I get to take part in all activities offered.

  1. What’s your idea of a good time?

My idea of a good time, is spending time with my friends exploring new places and doing bonding activities BUT I can also have a good time on my own by travelling somewhere peaceful where I can get time to reflect on my life.

Fahad with a pal at the coast.
  1. Are you a tortoise or a hare?

I’m a hare.

  1. How organized do you like to be before a trip?

I like being organised because you have to expect the unexpected when travelling.

  1. Are you a night owl or an early bird?

I’m a bit of both.

  1. Is Kenya doing enough to advertise it’s tourism sector?

I believe not, there is so much this country has to offer in terms of tourism and the country is not doing enough to showcase it. The current campaigns being launched and implemented are good though but we can do better.

  1. Growing up in the coast, have you always been in love with tourism?

Growing up in the coast made me fall in love with tourism especially because I reside in Old Town,which is among the oldest towns in not only Kenya but East Africa.

  1. What has been your best destination so far?

Shella island in Lamu.


DSC02756 DSC02803 IMG-20150205-WA0019



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