We all agree traveling, or as most of you would say “Tembea Kenya”, is expensive. You have to fuel your car, or hire one for most of us. And I’m not even going to talk about getting a safari van for your trip. This digs a hole in your pocket, or leave a dent in your account for the better off. Then there’s food, accommodation and tips..yes, you can’t get back from a trip without tipping someone. It’s an unwritten rule. These adds up to a lot of money, which frankly most of us don’t have. Today I want to give you a cheaper option of kutembea Kenya, appreciating your country at pocket-friendly prices.


Most of us have the mentality that you need a private means of transport in order to go for a road-trip. I disagree. You can have a good time just by using public means. Done that severally with my friends and trust me, we still had fun. Just choose your destinations properly. There are many places you can visit in a day and be back. For example, Ngong Hills, Nakuru, Naivasha, Mt. Kenya, Aberdares, Rift Valley viewpoint and many more. All these destinations are accessible by public means and are really good places to visit. But I’m sure there are places on that list you’ve never been to because when you sit down to plan your trip, the cost puts you off. Try going by public means and save!! Oh, and get to add that “Matatu Selfie” to your IG.


This is were most of us spend most when going for road-trips. There are several solutions to this, camping being the most obvious. In a destination where you will spend probably 4oooKsh for a room, you get to spend 1500Ksh or less if you camp. If there are no camping sites, getting a decent hotel is an option. Take time to research on the hotels that offer accommodation before your departure and get to choose one you get to pay less for more. The option that I love and currently adopting is doing day trips. This makes traveling so much cheaper. You leave early in the morning and be back late in the evening or early night. This way you don’t incur any accommodation costs but still get to experience the fun.


Traveling as a group is much cheaper than alone, this is not political science. The more you are, the less you spend because costs are shared. Your security is also more assured when you are many than when you are alone. And the fun too.


This is the most important part of any trip. A wrong plan will leave you stressed after your trip, rather than you being back happy and relaxed. So research about your destination, ask for stories from guys who have been there and most importantly be in contact of someone on the ground to update you on the routes, weather etc. And in case of an emergency on your trip, the person will assist.

These are just some of the ways to make your trip cheap. Don’t force yourself to spend much on something you can spend less. Kuwa mjanja, Tembea Kenya cheap!!

IMG-20140831-WA0013 IMG_20140814_124825 savagewilderness


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  1. Out of all the articles I have read here this is my new favourite. You are well on your way to hitting the mother-lode of blogging, connecting with your reader. Thank you for this article, it has pertinent information and was a joy to read.

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