Camping In Mukogodo Forest – A Curiousity Rewarded

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The Kenyan Camper

According to stats if you do not draw in the reader in the first two lines of an article, then there is a 90% chance they will not read on. I’m willing to take that risk this time around. This article I write for the traveller, not for the reader. For those who the open road is an inspiration to adventure as opposed to a fear of the unknown. For those that look at a map of this great country Kenya and see it as an open invitation to new experiences and possibly a new way of thinking. So if by some stroke of luck you’re still reading allow me to take you to a place that greatly rewards that curiosity.


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We all agree traveling, or as most of you would say “Tembea Kenya”, is expensive. You have to fuel your car, or hire one for most of us. And I’m not even going to talk about getting a safari van for your trip. This digs a hole in your pocket, or leave a dent in your account for the better off. Then there’s food, accommodation and tips..yes, you can’t get back from a trip without tipping someone. It’s an unwritten rule. These adds up to a lot of money, which frankly most of us don’t have. Today I want to give you a cheaper option of kutembea Kenya, appreciating your country at pocket-friendly prices. Continue reading “TEMBEA KENYA CHEAP”

A few tips on taking a road trip in Kenya

I came across this article on the internet as I was reading around and felt I should share. A really good read.

“Kenya is that country you see on the postcards. It is that place that airlines use to advertise their destinations on the back cover of magazines. It’s that place that every African claims the weather to be just perfect. Kenya is the haven where the Orientals choose to live, the westerners love to visit and the rest of the world try to imagine judging from the multi-winning Olympic runners. Our country is nothing short of beautiful. Taking a road trip is by far the most rewarding experience whilst visiting Kenya. Some famous road trip destinations in Kenya include: The Maasai Mara, Naivasha, Turkana, Mombasa, Busia, Oloitoktok, Eldoret. However, every road trip has its ups and downs if not carefully planned for.

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