I was in western Kenya a few months ago for my short holiday break and had not planned on doing any sightseeing or nature walks. Just sit under the tree with my thermos(hehehe) and relax before i get back to the hustle and bustle of Nairobi. My plans were however changed when as I had a chat with one of my cousins, he mentioned of their school trip to Webuye falls. I had never been there, despite having spent all my early childhood and Christmas holidays in Western Kenya. And so a road trip was organised for the next day.

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The falls’ site is 15-20 minutes drive away Webuye town via a dirt road. The first thing you notice as you drive there is how the place has been deserted by the local government. The road is as bad as you think with gulleys and huge potholes.Only lorries getting sand from River Nzoia use this road. There was even a resort, Webuye Falls Resort, which was put up for visitors(I presume)..now an abandoned building waiting to collapse.

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As you approach the falls, you can hear the thunder as the water drops over the rocks almost 10KM away. So powerful!!

IMG_20141106_145423 IMG_20141106_144629

It is such an absorbing spectacle as you get nearer. You can even feel the water droplets when 100M away. Loved the place, too bad authorities have not thought of maintaining the place.


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IMG_20141106_142333 IMG_20141106_142316 IMG_20141106_141642 IMG_20141106_141430


N/B: The falls are also called Broderick Falls or Nabuyole Falls(Local name).

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