Elephant Hill(Aberdares) Hike Pictogram

We were to be a good number, but people backed down as the day came closer. Bad weather was the common excuse. However, we were not deterred and when the day came, we were off to Aberdares. It was a nice experience, but we learnt this was not your average hike.IMG_20141115_074436 IMG_20141115_104057 IMG_20141115_104159 IMG_20141115_104209 IMG_20141115_155415 IMG_20141115_155454 IMG_20141115_155547 IMG_20141115_155600 IMG_20141115_111859 IMG_20141115_111902 IMG_20141115_112409 IMG_20141115_112508 IMG_20141115_112606 IMG_20141115_112612 IMG_20141115_112626 IMG_20141115_113349 IMG_20141115_113353 IMG_20141115_113943 IMG_20141115_113953 IMG_20141115_114024 IMG_20141115_114029 IMG_20141115_114219 IMG_20141115_114852 IMG_20141115_114907 IMG_20141115_115435 IMG_20141115_115528 IMG_20141115_120447 IMG_20141115_120620 IMG_20141115_121723 IMG_20141115_122050 IMG_20141115_122748 IMG_20141115_123433 IMG_20141115_123805 IMG_20141115_132806 IMG_20141115_133108 IMG_20141115_123814 IMG_20141115_123857 IMG_20141115_123901 IMG_20141115_125038 20141115_133316 IMG_20141115_125649 IMG_20141115_125652 IMG_20141115_130418 IMG_20141115_131521 IMG_20141115_135238 IMG_20141115_140455 IMG_20141115_143107 IMG_20141115_143115 IMG_20141115_144337 IMG_20141115_13275820141115_15120720141115_10371920141115_10380720141115_112400

20141115_12095320141115_10375420141115_11234520141115_112423IMG_20141115_120557IMG_20141115_122301IMG_20141115_122303IMG_20141115_123332IMG_20141115_123610IMG_20141115_123615IMG_20141115_123633IMG_20141115_124325IMG_20141115_130423IMG_20141115_131047IMG_20141115_135645IMG_20141115_140935IMG_20141115_141618IMG_20141115_142539IMG_20141115_132149I recommend this for anyone who thinks he or she can hike. I bet only Mt. Kenya can be harder to climb. Best outdoors experience so far.

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2 thoughts on “Elephant Hill(Aberdares) Hike Pictogram

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