Ngong Hills Hike Pictogram

It was just a random Sunday, perfect weather for a hike. We made our way to Ngong Town by matatu from Railways Station. From there it was a long walk to the top and back. We took approximately 5 hours. The pictures will tell the rest of the story.PhotoGrid_1415713791771

IMG_20141020_151225 IMG_20141020_151343 IMG_20141020_151507 IMG_20141020_151519 IMG_20141020_152545 IMG_20141020_153211 IMG_20141020_153238 IMG_20141020_153257 IMG_20141020_153459 IMG_20141020_153503 IMG_20141020_153913 IMG_20141020_153919 IMG_20141020_153925 IMG_20141020_153931 IMG_20141020_155102 IMG_20141020_155114 IMG_20141020_155610 IMG_20141020_155812 IMG_20141020_160029 IMG_20141020_160520 IMG_20141020_161550 IMG_20141020_161736 IMG_20141020_161930 IMG_20141020_161947 IMG_20141020_162231 IMG_20141020_162245 IMG_20141020_162809 IMG_20141020_163225IMG-20141110-WA0000PhotoGrid_1415713680178PhotoGrid_1415713705948PhotoGrid_1415713726362PhotoGrid_1415713750062PhotoGrid_1415713773054

An awesome experience!!


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