I was in western Kenya a few months ago for my short holiday break and had not planned on doing any sightseeing or nature walks. Just sit under the tree with my thermos(hehehe) and relax before i get back to the hustle and bustle of Nairobi. My plans were however changed when as I had a chat with one of my cousins, he mentioned of their school trip to Webuye falls. I had never been there, despite having spent all my early childhood and Christmas holidays in Western Kenya. And so a road trip was organised for the next day.

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The falls’ site is 15-20 minutes drive away Webuye town via a dirt road. The first thing you notice as you drive there is how the place has been deserted by the local government. The road is as bad as you think with gulleys and huge potholes.Only lorries getting sand from River Nzoia use this road. There was even a resort, Webuye Falls Resort, which was put up for visitors(I presume)..now an abandoned building waiting to collapse.

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As you approach the falls, you can hear the thunder as the water drops over the rocks almost 10KM away. So powerful!! Continue reading “WEBUYE FALLS”


Home-stay Experience in Kilifi

Travel Diaries Kenya

When we set out to produce the show travel diaries, our mission was to really urge more Kenyans to travel and experience Kenya first hand. For a long time, the notion has been tourism is a foreigner’s affair and much of the marketing has been directed towards this, and it’s unfortunate where we have so much, literally at our doorsteps but we are content to hear and read third party stories of travelers’ exploits to Kenya. To change this, we have strived to highlight affordable places and ways to holiday and still have maximum fun and create great memories.
One of the best and most affordable ways to holiday is staying at Vacation home rentals. These are, hands down, the best way for you to enjoy a truly relaxing, rewarding and budget-friendly family vacation. Vacation homes give you much room to relax and provide unique and luxurious amenities and services…

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Elephant Hill(Aberdares) Hike

PHOTOS: Elephant Hill(Aberdares) Hike Pictogram

We had planned the hike for a month or so, and finally it was the day. Saturday was the day.
We departed Nairobi pretty early so as to be in Aberdares early enough. The weather wasn’t promising but as an outdoor enthusiast, that’s never an excuse to remain indoors.

Nairobi’s sky
Early Saturday morning weather in Nairobi
Early Saturday morning weather in Nairobi

The road is tarmacked all the way to Njabini, a town at the foot of the Aberdare ranges. Then it’s a muddy road to South Kinangop Forest Station. This is where you begin your hike. Advice: Take a 4×4 or a bus as your mode of transport, a car won’t make it. Continue reading “Elephant Hill(Aberdares) Hike”